Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 days of letters, day 30: your reflexion in the mirror.

Wow! This morning I go amazing news. Medical clearance has been granted. My husband should haver orders next week, and be home VERY soon after. I'm relieved and happy today.

Today is also the last day of this project. Talk about strange coincidences! Anyway. On to the letter. This should be an interesting attempt. Probably a bit weak though.

Hello Amber,

Look at you! A bit battered around the edges. And you've changed since this all started. The hair looks great by the way! Purple is a good color for you. You're doing fine. I can see the stress and the strain. The deeper bags under your eyes. The new lines between your brows. But, you still look strong. you still look determined. You still look good.

I'm pretty proud of me, think I did pretty good. I kept to my project, for the most part. I kept most of my promises. I stressed and struggled a lot the last few months, but look! Here we are!

Sooner now. It's in the wind. The future is out there waiting to be grasped like a kite. What does the next journey hold for me? I' pretty excited. I CAN handle this.

Look at me.

Still there.

Ready for anything.

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  1. Love the optimism!! And no, it won't be long before your honey gets back home.