Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And a new year

New years even in a German town is delightful! We've been somewhere else, both of our other years here. We went to Paris, our first year. We drove out to Edelweiss lodge, and slept through midnight our second. Both years were excellent and awesome.

This year is our tenth year of marriage. This year we wanted to stay up late, we wanted to see fireworks over the river. We drove out to Bernkastle-Kues. We'd originally planned to go to Koln, but the three hour drive past midnight sounded exhausting  Berkastle is a tiny sweet little wine trail town that we've both fallen head over heels in love with. I've never seen new years fireworks in Germany. I didn't know a thing about them.

I only recently discovered, they're fucking FANTASTIC! Apparently sales of anything bigger then a sparkler is limited most of the rest of the year. But right around new years the stores carry them en mass at decent prices. the locals seem to LOVE them.

Oh and do they.

I can't even begin to describe the insane fun of a bunch of Drunken gleeful Germans suddenly armed with fireworks. Bottle rockets, Roman candles, sparklers, some weird awful smelling can of colored smoke. Everywhere all around us as the night progressed there were sudden random instances of someone setting off their fireworks soon. The instances increased until, at last, midnight. The sound of cheering and booming and everywhere, every way you looked sparkling ad shining and booming were fireworks.

Oh goodness I laughed for a good solid twenty minutes.

We were occasionally frightened we'd get hurt, but no one seemed to be badly injured near us. Just jolly drunken laughing hugging and celebrating Germans everywhere.

This is my new favorite thing. and it was a magnificent way to ring in the new year and celebrate 10 years married to my best friend.