Friday, June 3, 2011

my dream

back when I was a young lass.. I wanted to write.
To Really truly write, to put together stories for the people I loved.
To make charactors dance to my tune.

somewhere along the way my goal crumbled. I escaped occasionall into poetry. Pretty wordy rantings. But no story. no meat. I'm going to resolve that. I plan... to write. No more waiting for my dream co-author. no one's going to appear and teach me to story board. or plot endings. I need to just sit down every day. like it's my job and put words on the page.

No more worrying if they're good.
No more worrying if they're "right"
I just need to create. No more I shoulda woulda coulda. I need to prove to me.. if all those years whining about being an aspireing writer were right.

So. The time is now.

The day is. Today.

I begin.