Friday, September 24, 2010

30 days of letters, day 29: The person you want to tell everything to, but are too afraid to.


You'd think after 7 years I'd be comfortable telling you every little thing. I still hold back. I STILL get scared. I second and third guess the things I want to talk to you about. You're more sensitive then you let on. You're more fragile then you're willing to admit. I Dislike it when you get cold and withdrawn on topics. OR worse, ignore something simply because it makes you a little uncomfortable. At least tell me when a topic hits your discomfort level? I'll try not to judge you. You were raised a LOT more conservatively then I was and you're still learning to be open minded. But of all people to discuss everything with we should trust one another.
So, out of fear of you judging me. Or worse turning me down cold, I withold parts of myself. Te darker stranger parts I keep to myself. Because I'm sure, positive, so so sure you'll not only dislike them, but in the end dislike me.

I'm sorry.


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