Friday, September 17, 2010

30 days of letters day 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory

Imagine a quick series of small thank you notes. Gorgeous buttery card stock paper, preferably handmade. Small gold thread worked in. Rich green or red calligraphy ink pen. My best handwriting. These need not be long. What more needs be said, after all?

Thank you For the tears in your eyes on my wedding day and helping me laugh instead of cry. I still cried, but the beautiful aching mix of joy and sorrow kept us from falling weak into sobbing fits.

Thank you for holding her, achingly tender. That moment of wonder when you looked up. When you realized she was "ours" "yours" "mine."

Thank you for saying You're mine. Mine first. I'm still working on grasping it, but hearing you say it helped.

Thank you for saying I'm the "best mom ever" I know you're buttering me up, but there are moments I can tell you believe it and it makes it easier when I'm struggling.

Thank you for being so strong, and weak, and fragile and funny. Every other moment with you is my favorite memory.

Thank you for Thursdays. Thank you for that one magnificent night that went on forever. Thank you for being my guide. Thursday will always be special now, always be a little sacred.

Thank you for Magic. Thank you for moments of brilliance. Thank you for being so amazing that your younger self is still at times my guide through dreams that I don't quite understand.

Thank you for Monty python, British humor, and many of my favorite kinks.

Thank you for a generous spirit, a love of the color purple, and a new "thing" for girls with New York accents.

Thank you for guidance.

Thank you for tea. I wish I had a year or three to spend getting to know you. You fascinate me, and I feel as if we should have been sisters, lovers, better friends in some lifetime along side this.

<3 Thank you for the girl crush

You're epic.

My one constant commenter, Big Mark
Some of my favorite morning memories start with reading your comments. It helps me move on to my next blog. Knowing someone, anyone is reading.

To everyone one who has made a moment, a memory, a snapshot I treasure in my life. Thank you. I treasure them. I call on them in my moments of weakness and darkness and despair. The memories kep me stable, keep me happy, keep me warm.

Thank you.

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