Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ohai seasonal blues, there you are


I'd hoped I'd taken a miss on the seasonal blues. Here I am, after all, in this state that gets regular bursts of sunshine. It's warm enough that most days I don't need a coat.

It's been raining. I may have lost a friend.

So, I'm blue.

Rain here is defiantly a blessing. This area was suffering for want of water, and now here it is. Coating the streets with wet, making the grass everywhere turn pale green instead of the gorgeous golden yellow it was. Flowers hang from trees and peek from soil. Little road side farms show signs of preparing for a prosperous season ahead.

I mope.

The gray has gotten into my bones. Aching from the inside out. The wet soaks my sandals and forces me to drag out my coats. I need them more for protection then warmth, so I suppose there's an upside.

I wait to see if the mud settles.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

spring gloom

Missing your smile, your face, your laugh. Pensive and pointless is this pre spring sadness. All around me the world is contemplating green, while dripping gray and gloom nourish the soil the rain does nothing to nourish my soul.
So I find my smile in busy work. I fill my days with reading, learning, devouring knowledge. I fill my pretty little head with words. Until the day breaks, and sun bakes this damp dry I wait. Quiet. Waiting for the sunshine.