Wednesday, September 8, 2010

30 days of letters, Day 16: Someone that's not in your state/country


Hey kiddo! I miss hanging out with you in brief intervals. And I'm so excited that we're going to both be living in Germany at the same time soon. You've "grown up" since we first became friends. You've finally shed a lot of your baby weight and are feeling comfortable in your skin. You and I struggled through separation from our husbands. We both struggled through loosing someone we were related to to death.

I think that the next three years, we can actually have some pretty great times. We may not be neighbors again, but we can be friends again. Probably better friends then we were before. Because we've both grown so much, changed so much, and discovered so much about ourselves.

I'm excited to see you again, kiddo. :) I'm a little jealous that K has his orders while We're still waiting on my sweeties papers. But I just KNOW everything is not only going to work out, but work out for the best.

YAY! :D see you soon!


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  1. Very happy for you that you get to look forward to making an aquaintence in Germany. I think that if someone I knew was at my 2nd duty station, even if it wasn't a 'friend', I would have continued with my service.