Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey! I've fallen behind again on updates.

We have arrived in Germany. We've acquired a nice new house. The floors are heated, but it is a base house which means it's not so much MINE as rented from the Air Force. I have to take especially good care of it because it's new new.

I'll be putting up more updates soon. I'm still getting my bearings here.

It's colder. It rains a LOT. It's Greener, with lots of trees.
It's beautiful.

It's COLD!

We don't yet have a car so we've been relying on the on base shuttle system and foot power for getting around. Thus, we haven't seen much of Germany yet. Except for a brief afternoon in Trier with a tour group. I like Trier.

I really look forward to exploring. But we're kind of in a hold pattern right now as everything gets settled into place. It's chaotic, and often rather boring. And hectic. And aggravating.

But we're doing fine. The girls are happy. The hubs is happy. I'm working on happy.

I haven't seen sunshine since we got here. I miss the sun.
I miss my stateside friends. But I'm trying. I REALLY am.

but it's cold.