Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leggy: Wanton Wednesday

I like to lie about and be photographed, there's something special about surrendering the way a shoot turns out to another persons talent. This angle made my legs look amazing and my feet.. surreal. I feel sexy in this dress. Pretty in my crown. And down right naughty with that tiny anklet with li'l handcuffs. A so subtle nod to my kinky side. So, while I have naughtier, sexier pictures in my files: This one won. This time around for my wanton shot.

old, new again

Re-posting something I wrote a time ago. Because I'm feeling it.

Oh, softest kiss of greeting, the butterfly flicker of greeting and hello. Nip and nibble of lower lip. What will you taste like today? The texture and taste of your skin. Breathing it in as I trace you with words of adoration and praise.
Oh passion. Opening my eyes to see yours. Tasting me, tasting you. Tongue and tooth and breath. Devour me as I devour you and let us fall into one another.

Let me count the ways I miss the kiss. The intimacy of shared moments.

I miss the brief rake of stubble in cheeky peck.
I miss the devouring heat of passion.
I miss the friendly busk.

I miss the kiss.

Monday, April 4, 2011


To be held.
To be taken.
To be wanted.

Stripped of inhibitions. Everything I am set side in that moment of feeling. Being. Aching all over for another touch. mmmm

I dream in technicolor
or warm skin, that tastes so salty sweet. That I can pet and scratch and kiss and fondle to my hearts desire. No complaint, no restraint. No "I'm too tired" No "I'm too busy" No "not tonight"

then when?

I'm beyond understanding. Am I really so... dirty? That I need this? That I want this? That it engulfs me until I get it, and then I want more and more..

and ... Fuck.

Nononono. I'm GOOD! Damnit. I'm a proper mom with a dream of a coffee shop comic book store rolled in one... A pretty little place just outside a big city. Somewhere with a proper farmers market and excitement nearby. A pretty little place with rooms upstaris to stay.

I can't help that sometimes I dream of a bit more.. or I want this dream NOW! and not
11 more years? That's a long time baby.

I'm already too old..
to be more then passing interesting..
to anyone of interest.