Monday, March 8, 2010

I am/was teh geek

Welp. Hubs is home for his visit. And so, since I'll be blogging ver ver little I will instead give you sad humilating pictures of meself! FUN!

Let's start young and work up. K?

Rope swing. Made of rope. awesome rolled pants and a juice stain on my shirt. I was a winner


This haircut? Made possible by being left alone for all of a few seconds with a sissors. According to mom it was the day right before this picture too. I alos loved those brown mary janes more then life.

Then I went through a cute phase. I'll spare you THOSE pictures. Who want to look at CUTE pictures?

Then puberty happned. My nose became so large for my face my mom got me a cat. She figured at least something would love me , my buck teeth and my unfortunate odd shape.

And then the dreaded teenage years. Seriously. I was so sexah.