Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 days of letters, day 28: someone that changed your life

Just one someone?!?! Blargh!

Ok ok. Although this is yet another potential multi person letter project I've been pretty bad at not not writing full proper letters. SO! Just for the sake of writing a proper letter to a proper somebody I'm going to write this letter.


Happy 16th birthday Autumn-Moon. You are an amazing sweet and strange child! I've learned so much, knowing you, having you for a sister, a friend, a guide, and a daughter. 16 years ago I gave birth to you. 16 years ago I gave you to my parents to love and nurture. I wish I'd had the strength to raise you myself, but they've done a magnificent job.
Your "disabilities" asperger, and minor CP made me afraid to get to know you better for a long time. The ache of being too self involved when you were young has hit home hard for me now that I've "grown up" and am raising your sisters.
Happy birthday Moon unit! I DO love you. I was so happy to talk to you this morning. I promise we'll never loose touch. And I know you've forgiven me for giving you up. I'm still working on forgiving myself, but I truly feel you're better now then you would have been with my selfish self involved barely 18 year old self as your mom.

You helped me grow. You remind me that weakness can be strength. And apparent strength can be weakness.

Happy birthday.

Oh and remember: DON'T LET MOM TEACH YOU TO DRIVE! She's a nutter behind the wheel!


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