Monday, August 9, 2010

ugly broken poem

fingers wandering...
mind all a spin.
all over wondering
where to begin

I hate rhyming
the word should be set free

Ah dear, and here I go again.
Take me. Make me.
Squirm and squeal.
Want to fuck me.
Make it REAL.

Dancing at midnight motion and light
Some kinda latte? something about a spoon?
Fuck these damn rhymes I refuse, GOOD NIGHT!
Cocky smile far too soon.

A kiss. An innocent seeming thing.
I'd love a kiss, to share the sweet.
Knew in moments where it was going.
I'd love a dance, just move those feet.

Too late.. there they go! I told 'em to stop! I'm trying to free the words but I can't. I'm trying to write out the joy and the ache. Trying to free everything that's inside so I can fucking come and get off and go to sleep! And instead instead of rubbing one out and counting sheep... I'm obsessing and regressing and being all a messing..

And the rhymes! The fucking poems... the hated "poet" comes spinning through. Her skirts all a flutter, singing of lust and scrambled eggs and fucking butter. I don't want to be lyrical. I want to make sense. But my brain doesn't work that way.

It's a top, a dizzy, a tizzy, a mess. Broken like they find me. Broken like they leave me.

Happy! JOY! See me smile? I am, you know, sometimes. Not hiding behind my walls. Not hiding anything. Give 'em everything so they can't take a thing. So it's all right in the end. And I promise it'll be okay. I promise I'll be back soon. Can I play a different game? How's cards? How's Duck fucka duck goose?

Make me smile? Oh but I am. I am. I will. I have. It's almost my turn, to turn the tables 'round. To leave. To lead. To run.

Mind all a wander..
fingers a useless mess
left only to ponder
why I'm in a state of undress.


  1. It's not ugly bug, it's beautiful because it's what you feel. And that, although it may not always be pretty, is most definitely not ugly. <3

  2. It reads like a piece of spoken word acted out.

  3. Hey sugar, I may be 'down' for a spell... I would not want you to think that I have forgotten you or anything... if you'd like, email me...

    I am not saying this like I feel important or anything else to you. But so much of what you write is a version of 'been there and coped with that', I would never want someone who I thought was feeling that way, to feel that I left or bailed on them.

    You know what I mean..? anywho, see you when I see you!!