Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 days of letters. Day 6: to a stranger.


You know who you are. Stop the hate. Stop the venom. Hurt is good for no one. I can't stand by and abide by this. I can't just watch from the side. And Yet I have to. It's not my place, except that it is. NO ONE deserves to be treated with hate. No one deserves to have their feelings and needs dismissed. I am not strong enough to physically take this on. I'm not strong in any way, except opinion. And you, stranger, are WRONG. Your choice is wrong. Your current opinion and belief set is wrong. Why must you take your pain out on others. We both know it's you that aches.

Let someone help you.

And stop hurting others.



  1. mark: Sorry I had a hurt. And the assignment of the month is one honest letter to each recipient. This one is full of hurt.. It's recipient is someone I don't know personally. -thus a stranger. No harm meant to you or any of my readers. I doubt this awful person is a reader of mine.