Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 days of letters day 3: My parents

Dear mom and dad!

Mom. Yes, you were right. Things would have been easier if I'd stayed in A.Z. Yes Daddio. Winter is cold. Regardless of the hardships I still don't regret making the choice to move out here. YES it's been hard. IT's going to be even harder living in Germany. This year was about starting to step away, starting to separate. It's going to be even harder and lonelier without you nearby when I'm so very very far away.

Mom. You don't have to love my choices for hair color and piercing. But suggesting that I'm literally insane is hurtful. Dad, I think I know why you're not talking to me. I'm sorry you're still grieving too. I wish, for that at least, that I were closer. I know Naunies death hit you hard. It hit me hard and I'm removed by a generation. I learned my emotional coping skills from you so.. I understand at least to some extent. I love you Daddy.

I'm sorry your two daughters had to grow up and move so far away while you son refuses to do either. Life is strange and complex. I can only hope to emulate the good and try to learn from the bad. I hope my daughters gain from my experience. I already catch myself at all kinds of moments giggling as I realize you were both right about something I stubbornly refused to believe as a child. Life is it's own greatest teacher sometimes.

I DO miss you both. I wish it weren't such a far drive or I'd be at your doorstep in a moment. I hope the next few years are full of joy in our separate worlds. No more badness. I'm hoping you can come visit us in Germany, or we can come visit Stateside.

Love always your 'bRosie


  1. I am glad that you were able to write this letter. You should send it to them.

    My Mom and I had fallen out and we were able to overcome those differences prior to her passing. I know that they love you and you obviously love them. Let them know.

  2. Mark: I may indeed send them this- or referr them to my site. Thanks for the advice!