Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 days of letters. Day 5: my dreams

Dear dreams,

I want you back! Last night was the first time in a long while I've had a dream that I remember. I used to have such gorgeous deep vivid dreams. Dreams that would stick with me through the day. I'd have epic dreams, stuff that would amuse and inspire. Dreams that would help me define the way I felt about the people and places in my world. Somehow, somewhere, I lost you.

Dreams, I promise I'll pay attention to you.
Dreams: I cherish you!

Please come back!

Or am I writing to the dreams I have for my life: Dream: I'm on my way. I have made some small steps toward the goal of becoming a laughter therapist. This will happen!

Or perhaps to my day dreams? Diversions and distractions that fill my days. Those I have had a plethora of. I need to work on defining these hazy fantasies instead of getting lost in the shiny and gloss of wish and want. I can spend hours staring into space, lost in though, lost in dream. These dreams perhaps I can work on transferring to the night. Perhaps I can work on making these clearer.

I'll learn better to listen to the dreams. Dreams are important stuff. The web of the subconscious is such a magnificent place. It's finding my way through it.

Dreams. I'm here. I'm waiting!

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