Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 days of letters, Day 9: someone I wish I could meet.

This is a hard one. I can't say there's any particular person I want to meet, who is alive and kicking in todays world.

Past? I can do that. We'll pretend that he can understand my slang. Since he can receive a letter from the future and all.. Even these letters are really for me not them so :P

Nikola Tesla,

Dear sir,

I would like to humbly thank you for.. everything. Your impact on my personal life has been extreme. Your vision and inventions changed the flow of history. If I could travel back in time I'd shake your hand.
Or as Spider Robinson would put it:

I, madam, I made radio! So I dared! Am I mad? Am I?

He's a bit of a fan of yours too. And more likely to get to meet you being a time traveling science fiction writer himself.

The future is even more mad then you could have envisioned. Probably only about 1/4 as interesting as it would have been if people had listened to you a bit more.


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