Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some ass hat has decided to make my already complicated and stressful life a little more "interesting"

My husband received a crude Personal message on Facebook, my name was the title. It was awful and implied that I was doing things I was NOT doing. of course he deleted it instead of keeping. I haven't read it, I just know it frightened him and sent his head reeling. He's going through enough shit right now.

Thanks to this ass hat, I've gone to all my forums, places I hang out in the virtual world, and stripped them of as much info as possible. I got big time scared. I wasn't doing anything wrong, and yet we both blame me.



  1. I don't know what F M L means...

    When is his tour over?

    That is some crap. I have seen how stuff like that weighs on a servicemember from that perspective. What mean, hateful and spiteful crap that is.

    For freakin' real... whoever did that would be dead to me and I would not respond to any utterance that was even remotely related to them.

  2. SOON! Not soon enough but very soon. A month at most.

    The situation is being handled. I found out who it was, and reported them for harassment. Otherwise, I'm staying out of it. I sentence him to: Live his life making the kind of mistakes he's making eventually he'll get his without me having to do more then file a carefully worded complaint.