Friday, August 27, 2010

30 days of letters, Day 8: My favourite internet friend

OOps! missed a post yesterday, but I'll make it up by pretending it didn't happen.

Oh you shining star! I have had the pleasure to meet you already once. And I'm really hoping to meet you again next month if $$ and time comply. Sure it's a day drive with kidlets in tow, but you, you are amazing.
Strong, beautiful, and human. I'd have never done ToI if I hadn't thought there'd be a chance of being part of the puffkateer crew.
Wish I were state side longer so we can hang more then once more! However: 3 years ain't so long and I have this way of adopting friends for a good long time.

Thanks for being my internet friend, my favorite blogress, my guide to all things vaping. Thanks!

Gloata FTW!


And to the rest of Gloata, to the puffkateers, to the "vape" community: Wow! We're like the cool nicotine version of AA without the A or the A or bad coffee.. actually we're nothing like that at all. NM. ;)

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  1. Glad for you. Oh, I did not notice a 'skip', I thought this was all part of the consecutive sequence *wink*