Sunday, July 25, 2010

The pest

I am trying so hard not to "Bug" my friends. I'm always so excited with the new buddies that I'm total cling wrap when I find them. I'm working today not to feel the wash of "need" I always seem to get after hanging out with good new people.

I've had a good new friend for a few weeks now, and it was like everyday we talked. Now suddenly HOURS (all most a full 24) since we talked. How pathetic is it that I'm feeling neglected? I know I'm replaceable, not by any means a unique and beautiful snowflake... and so I usually work extra hard with my friends to make sure I give them my attention, my time, bits of myself.
So when they suddenly get busy with their own lives I get all selfish and pouty. I *KNOW* this is not sound healthy thinking. Okay? But blog.. You're my vent. I can tell you my thoughts and not worry about it. I can let out this stuff and feel better. Bleeding the sickness out in words and thoughts so I don't send a bizillin needy fawning texts.

Because, honestly? I know it's just getting schedules in line. My friends like me. I KNOW they do.

So..why do I feel a little abandoned? Is it to do with certain words used in a "play" situation? Probably. A button was found and pushed and I doubt they even know how much it affected me.

"I can find another.."

Oh don't. Not yet.



  1. Wow, I think you just went in my brain and blogged my thoughts. I go through that feeling ALL the time! So either its a normal feeling or we're both just a bit "unique" ;)
    BTW, "I" love ya Bug!! ~Violet~

  2. Violet! It's good to know I'm at least not alone in my insanity! :)

    And much like many of my issues that seem *SO* awful in the moment things seem to be resolving.