Friday, July 30, 2010

A li'l emo


So I got peirced. And, it's done in quite an obvious way. It'll look better once the swelling has gone down and I put the jewlery that *belongs* there in. But here's my feelings on the new stuff...

It seems a little weird.

But when she stuck the needle through my cheek I got a little wet.
Couldn't help it. The boost of endorphins... The knowledge that forever, I was marked. It may be a small thing. Not the tattoo I originally intended to commemorate my time in Kentucky, but this was a more pressing urge.

My heart has been full of ache my time here.

My grandmother died near Thanksgiving (on my Dads Birthday too, poor thing)
I found out all over again what it was to *want* to *need* and to feel left behind.

I needed tears. I am awful about crying. So...

For my slightly broken and aching heart... Especially now, after bad news to the double, I got holed.

I will cry stainless steel tears.

And the poke and push of needle through flesh.…

She helped me get there.

And it's a little weird. I got looked at sideways all day. The way I am sometimes when I get "done up" but even more so.

I'm not sure what to think about the reactions since.. personally *I* love them. My tears.



  1. that must've friggen hurt - but I like them. I want a bar across the back of my neck - just haven't worked up the courage nor the cash. What guage are they? they look huge?

  2. they ARE pretty huge- to allow for swelling etc. About a 10? I'll be sizing down once everything is nice and healed.