Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So music. Very important to setting the scene and feeling for my stories. I HAD a great connection to new music. But the shine wore off. So, now I need to find more. Music, connections, or shine. Wish I knew.

Readers who don't follow... please help a girl out. Followers.. Hook me up. I NEED music to get this going. Listening to the same stuff is a great start, but FRESH music is better. Nw and exciting. Please? Pretty please?

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  1. I wish that I could help you out. Don't know what your style is or what is 'new' to you. For me it is a simply a song that I never heard before or a band that may have been around that I have only recently became aware of.

    'Everyone Was In The French Resistance Now' is such an act. There is an old song by Orbital that I have been You Tubing called 'Midnight' that I like.

    Another thing, is that I have been in a melancholy mood. So I haven't been listening to any thing to make you jump, wiggle and shake your rump!!