Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magic friend!

I was allowed to cry last night.

I have manymanymany issues with crying. Letting down all the walls I put between the ache that leads to tears is *hard* for me.

I needed to cry so badly last night. And a friend helped ease me through it. I got held. Told it was okay, and comforted. My soul is slightly more at ease now. I am truly glad to have found a few worthwhile friends out here. I was so frightened that I'd never meet anyone who I'd be able to "hang out" with.

Even though I'm on a limited time budget I truly appreciate my friends here. I hope I've given as good as I've gotten. I hope I don't frighten them away with my *clingwrap* approach. I hope we can somehow manage to STAY friends.

Thank you, for the hug, the permission, and the companionship. I promise you it's not going to be forgotten.

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