Tuesday, February 2, 2010

winter whine

O winter. I dislike you.
I'm sick. Again.
I have put on a few pounds due to not wanting to move.
I need to clean house so it looks halfway decent before the end of the month. 30(ish) days before my beloved comes to visit for a month, then he's off again to Korea.
Winter is sucking my soul!I hates it so much. Cold, wet, slush, snow, ice, puddles that freeze over then disappear can all go hang. I miss warm. I miss warm. I seem to have caught some amazing combination of stomach bug and dry cough. The humidifier is helping with the cough, however if I visit the bathroom again I may well die.
Did I mention that I need to clean?

However. It's been long enough without a cigarette that I'm feeling confident. I'm useing a personal vaporiser- i.e. E-cig to get small amounts of nicotine and replicate the smoking experience. I like that I can get vapor liquids in lots of yummy flavors. I know I'm still addicted to nicotine, I'll handle that problem later. I've kicked TAR in the arse, and all those other additives in ciggys are out of my life.


  1. You aren't alone in the winter blahs... here is to February deciding to be a quick and relatively painless month!

    Have to be glad that your hunnie is short!!

  2. I just had to come visit to say thanks for stopping by VapeWithPuff.com (you can delete the addy if you think it's spammy ;) )... Congrats on your vaping! If you ever have questions or need support, you know where I am--if it's something I can't answer, I prob know someone who can.

    Btw, I was stationed in Korea myself (Osan AB) and my husband goes there semi regularly for business.