Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I can't hear you over how awesome I am

Skimming other blogs I was reminded of the last time I went out. Last year, before we left AZ, I talked my poor darling husband into getting dressed up with me and going out. His idea of dressed up is a suit, or something "nice". Now, I have no issue with nice. But with all the formal, or semi formal A.F stuff, my idea of getting dressed up involves corsets.. or short skirts. By goodness that particular skirt was very nearly a belt. The boots were also sexah- can't see them in the shot but you'll take my word for it. They were hot.
And we went out looking for a goth club. Apparently the only goth club in Tucson was closed. SO! We went somewhere else. I was surrounded by girls in Little black dresses, guys in blazers BLAZERS for crimminy!. And you know what? I did not care. I looked so damn hot I was turning heads. I got propositioned a lot that night, I danced like I was dancing for the last time in my life. As a mom of two girls, one of which is following me in my corsetted big booted footsteps, I may well have been!!
I wanna go out again. I LOVE to dance. I love to feel free and gorgous. I don't even drink much. Mostly I just dance and grin like crazy.
And by giddy goodness I look hot dressed up.

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