Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OMG rant! WARNING! Ranty! WELL! IRS issued us our tax return. And that'd be great if I could actually deposit the fucking check! It goes over our online deposit total (by a few hundred dollars) SO I have to WAIT for them to send me deposit envelopes. Then I have to wait for them to GET the deposit I send them all before Ian can buy his ticket, either wait until they get it, or until payday. This sucks, it means our little visit will be cut into a shorter bite- 3 weeks. 2-3 instead of 4. As if it isn't going to be hard enough. Can't cash the check- it has both our names on it. and we only have an account with USAA.


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  1. I have a USAA account as well. My SFC opened it up for me and I had no idea that there weren't any brick and motar branches around here.