Friday, April 9, 2010


So madam Puff, over at vape with puff (see my links) is doing a photo contest. My handy dandy camera girl (aka eldest daughter) has been taking non stop pictures of me in many locations. I'm thinking about adding one or two more to the collections. I'm doing three entries (the max allowed) each more thematic then string of first second third. The themes are: 1. Playing with vape. 2. Vapor art. And 3. Vaping everywhere. It's the third one I'm struggling with. I'd love to do a shot outside my favorite coffee place, but it's been blustery this week. I'm also going to the farmers market tomorrow, and that seems like an opportunity not to be passed up. SO! Wish me and my handy dandy little e-cig luck as I find locations that please me and have my camera girl try to find shots and angles that DON'T make m look tired or half dead. I'll post the collections here after the contest is over (No I don't know when that is) but I may post a few teaser pictures. There's one shot in particular that's just mind bogglingly beautiful.

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