Sunday, April 4, 2010

My super power.

I have one super power. It's one I picked up somewhere along the way of military mom land and difficult 6+ year old world. I can Holler. I can yell "attention" at a level and decibel that not only makes my children snap to but will turn heads and literally stop people in their tracks. I would have become a drill Sargent except the going to boot camp bit cramps my style and I'm totally lazy. I like yelling. Like all good super powers I use mine sparingly. I dole it out in small measured doses (Disneyland the preteen wandered a bit too far in the crowd and was on the verge of being "lost" I stopped traffic for three heart beats) and I do not use it for evil. There have been many times I've been tempted, at a park or playground when my girls were dithering to use it. I did not. They were coming, just slowly.
Is it odd that I'm strangely proud of my holler? Is it odd that I consider it a super power? I know it must be. I've seen many a mother struggling with a wine or a whimper. I've seen women trying to yell and just bitching instead. My one word command will catch the ear of not just my children but anyone in range, and seems to work especially WELL on children.

Anyway. Blog fodder in the idea, the realization. I don't think I'm the best mom. I KNOW I'm at least a good one because my children are turning out very well and I must have at least some small influence in that.

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  1. Actually it is a super power... lets everyone know how serious the business is, and because you know it gets the targets attention, the stress is going to be considerably less than those whiny and whimpery Mom's. Also you avoid the dehumanizing that takes place with adults being frustrated by children who aren't paying attention to them.