Friday, April 30, 2010

Being me

It's not easy being .. red.
I get the stink eye, positive/negative comments, compliments, and my new favorite an "at your age". That's right kiddos. I Got told that I was being ballsy with my hair color, "for someone (my) age" Fuuuuuu...

Ok first off? How is vibrant red, that almost exists in nature THAT weird? It suits me. It looks amazing on me. No, I'm NOT a natural redhead. I was born strawberry blonde. It changed and as soon as I was allowed to start changing it I DID. Now in my thirties I LOVE being a redhead.

The last 4 years have been quite an experience for me. I'm more attractive now then I ever have been in my adult life. My skin is crinkled at the corners, and bags in some places. I have to wear glasses to see without migraines. My clothing is eccentric and odd. I'm still at my most comfortable with myself. It's like I've at last found out WHO I am. I'm strong, fragile, weak, soft, sweet, tough, and sexy. It's amazing. I wish I'd have gotten to know myself sooner in my path of life, but I'm so happy I have at all.

I'm still growing and changing, and wow!

But seriously. How is Red that weird? At my age...

At my age I've found my awesome. I hope you know how awesome YOU are, dear reader.


  1. Your description of yourself sounds like how I described the difference between my 18 Pfc and my 42 year old SFC... where one was a pretty young woman cause of her youth, she had grown into a beautiful woman and one who I could not take my eyes off of.

    Natural red heads always intimidate... as you say, there isn't a bolder or brasher color in nature. Every other shade shrinks in comparison. So folks are jealous and insecure because they could never be so daring and command such attention as a red head!

  2. Well, I have red whiskers?

    Sort of. They've grayed some in the last few years, but they still get called red. My family is full of redheads. We're beautiful, if I do say so myself ;-)

    My mother had fire engine red hair from birth(her name is RED!), until a couple of years ago when she let it turn to a nice white. She's 72 years old!

    You go girl! Keep it red as long as you wish.

  3. Thanks so much guys. The positive feedback improved my day.