Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo.. sort of

Inspired by a few of my internet friends and idols I've decided to tackle National Novel writing month.  Sort of. Since I've given up on the idea of writing "stories" I'm going to tackle my online journal instead. So, like my internet hero and Psudopod Superstar Alasdair Stuart ( link! ) I'm taking on the National Journal writing month challenge. It may not be the same thing at ALL! But It's a chance to write. To re-embrace that which I was once so passionate about and rarely do any more.

 Here are some topic ideas:

 There's fan type stuff. Husband and I just polished off ALL of Star trek the next generation and skipped Merrily past Star trek Deep space Nine  straight over to Star Trek Voyager. I'm all deeply and sadly entrenched into Supernatural fandom. I've got the waiting game to play with Who and Sherlock. Then there's the tease of Community coming back in February.

There's Local Weirdo American in Germany stuff to go about. The Christmas Markets start up in a few weeks. We're also planning a trip out to Belgium so I can go shopping for a "Gift basket" for Husbands Squadron, really so he can take me on a date that's desperately needed.

There is the business of being a Mom. I can rant on and on about my head strong teen age daughter and her first world problems. Or my endearingly odd ball of a nine year old and her adventures in martial arts. 

Oh! My health and weight! That's always a fun one. I've put on far more weight then I'm currently comfortable with. I can double down on challenges this moth and tackle my complicated food and exercise daemons WHILE taking on the word count challenge. Fuck yeah. Let's do this thing.

I can opine over how much I'm excited over finally having a yard next year and how mildly obsessed I've become with pet chickens. Husband has taken to calling me "Chicken gazer" and I now know way more about chickens then the average person who owns zero of them. 

We can go deep into my personal metaphysics! That could be fun. If a little controversial  Meh fuck it I only have like three followers anyway. (HI GUYS! I love you!) 

So there we go. A list of ideas. I will write as much as I can on any given topic as long as I can on any day that I have internet access. Out here the internets can get weak and kind of wobbly, but I can compose journal OFFLINE and post them the next day. So, the internet being unreliable is NO EXCUSE (You hear that lazy part of my brain?) for slacking. 

Wish me luck internets. This looks to be a long month. And a BIG challenge. 

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  1. Hey where have YOU been..? Anywho, I LOVE that tone in this post... life has been good to you, no..?

    We will see if you post out here... I am still chuggin' along... and if you don't, no worries... you are doing well and I figure why mess up something when it is working..?

    Love & Rockets!