Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On word count, gym clothes, and choosing a goal.

So. I was bad this weekend. I actually HAD a weekend. Instead of fussing over word count, I decided to focus on quality instead of quantity. I KNOW that the whole November writing challenge thing is supposed to make us focus on getting in word count. It's supposed to help us focus on writing as much as you can without feeling forced to write a "proper" story.

But you know what? Fuck that. I'm going to write because I choose to write. I'm going to write to document my month. I did my second Monday of work outs yesterday. I played with a bar bell for the first time EVER. There were big buff scary "gym boys" in the free weight room. I'm not a huge fan of big buff scary gym boys. They're  almost always loud, stinky, and generally rude. They also look at me, in my over weight out of shape weird bodied self with utter contempt. Boys. *sigh*

So, it was fun having the "protective" barrier of three other women with me in the free weight room while I played with the big boy toys. I'm a tiny bit sore today, but I'm feeling much more comfortable with going to the gym. I'm actually HOPING for cardio tomorrow.

Now, gym clothes. I love my yoga pants. I'm comfortable in yoga pants! I'm even okay with yoga pants. I've found a couple sports bras that I like, two of them in a shocking hue of hot pink that tickles my happy. It's the shirts. I've BEEN wearing my comfortable geeky shirts. However, as much as I adore my geek shirts they don't stretch and move right. I WOULD wear tank tops. Tank tops make my arms look disgusting. I can't do them. What I need is a shirt made of a breathable wicking material that covers my under arm area, my tummy, and moves with me. I may end up checking the male shirts, since all the ladies shirts in my local store seem to be designed to bare more flesh instead of less.

I'm not losing weight YET, but it's only been a week. I haven't gained any weight. I already feel better, I believe weight loss will come soon.

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  1. Don't worry about the workout guys... they are really there to admire themselves and not to work...

    Losing weight will come with steady working out... has to be 3-4 times per week, an hour each day.... you prolly turned more heads cause you are pretty than anything else..!