Wednesday, November 14, 2012

on being female, on being me.

Oh the agony.

Dear "Aunt Flo" Fuck you very much. Nature? You, madam, are a royal bitch.

I am quite through making children. There SHOULD be a way to tell my body "thank you very much, but you can shut the baby factory down now" But nooooooo.

I went to my gym session sore, bloated, cranky, crabby,
nauseous, and in general NOT wanting to. I went. I did three hundred exercises. Woot! My body is achy and sore. I'm a little more then a little uncomfortable in my body.

I needed the cardio. It was nice talking to my trainer about my food issues without being judged for them. I feel like I'm slowly surpassing my current body stopping points.

So, yay for me.

I'm defiantly suffering from the beginnings of seasonal effective disorder.  I feel the darkness encroaching. I'm gloomy and grumpy. I feel like picking fights and whining about how unloved I am.

I feel unappreciated and unwanted. I know, now, that these feelings are attached to my low levels of sunlight absorption combined with the lack of "nice" days

I want winter to go away, and it's not even officially here yet.

Ah well. At least, I'll be in shape to fight the cold.

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