Wednesday, November 7, 2012

on skipped days

Well. I forgot a day. I can't say I didn't think about blogging yesterday. I simply.. didn't. I was sore and tired. My first workout was torture. I nearly blacked out. I'm the fattest girl out of four. I'm the most out of shape. I NEED to learn to pace myself. I need to prepare better today.

I was so sore that I didn't sleep through the night. So yesterday I awoke early, feeling dead. It was roughly 4 o'clock when I was dragged unwillingly out of bed by my sore aching body. It refused to allow me to sleep even a moment more. So. Up I was, if I wanted to be or not. It most certainly was not.

I made coffee. I made tea. I rubbed ointment into my aching muscles, and I read. I read and read and tried to ignore the screaming aching soreness of my body. I ate sensibly and tried not to think of the fact that every time I stood up my legs shrieked agony and protest. Right around noon I slept. I napped wrapped in a blanket. It was nice. I hurt slightly less when I woke up two hours later.

Today I go again. I ache. My legs still scream at me, but I feel better. I don't know how much I can do this afternoon. I am scared of hurting more than I did yesterday. I will prepare myself before the workout with proper eating and proper attire. I'm freezing my water bottle so my water will be cold enough to cool me from the inside.

I also need to cut back on my e-cig use. I think that less nicotine may help.

I've noticed that I don't have more then one sports bra, which I will correct this afternoon. My workout clothes seem to be yoga pants and a range of truly adorable tee shirts with the collars cut out. I HATE the texture of tee shirt collars.

So. I was a naughty half dead girl yesterday and avoided my blog. I Like my trainer. I like the other ladies in my class. And if it doesn't kill me it MAY well actually make me stronger. I'm just very very sore.

I have a few errands to run today. I got the teenager all updated on her shots.  The littler one will have to wait until the clinic gets in more shots for the younger set. I'm avoiding getting a flu shot, due to being very prone to getting sick when I get the shots.

This weekend will test my diet a bit. I'm going to allow myself the bit of weakness. We don't get to go out very often. Belgian chocolate may be my weakness, but as long as I eat honestly and consecutively I can allow myself a little.

Now I know a lot of people are all about politics today. I DO care about the state of the country that I will returning to tomorrow, but I REFUSE to get into my personal political views. My Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother in law are all VERY very very conservative. I'm... less so. I love them enough to not want to offend people like them by going into my slightly less conservative political views.

Religion is still potential, as none of them are deep true believers, and few people I care to meet are. So! I may yet get all metaphysical, spiritual, and giddy goofy about my messed up set of religious theologies. I know my papers in Theology class were well enough argued to impress my teacher and earn me excellent grades.

Now. I need to go run errands. So despite my pitiful word count. I accept that I have done my best.

~ Part two~

It's now evening. I wrote the previous bit in the morning. The work out wasn't as bad. Oh it was BAD but it wasn't AS bad. I am still sore and ache. I still hurt in fun new places. However, this time I was smart enough to go outside when I felt myself over heating. I WILL push myself. I WILL do my best and get my moneys worth. But I refuse to get to that "feeling like I'm going to pass out" point. There was a "fun" exercise that led me to cursing. We sat against a wall as if we were sitting on a chair. except that where the seat of the char would be there was just air and the muscles of leg and thigh to hold up the weight. I had to stand up and break each time. I really pushed that one!

Doing push ups I built up a serious hard level of sweat. I swear I was pouring buckets out of my pores. I can't do very good push ups, but I did my best. And I pushed SOMETHING. I pushed so hard that sweat leaked out of every available pore.

So. I feel better about the work out. I'm confident that I can continue this until it's end. I think it'll help with my weight loss too.

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