Sunday, November 18, 2012

food rant.

Dear personal trainer Jen.

YOU, madam, are awesome. You really are. You're inspiring and pretty and talented. You push me to push me. You push me to NOT hurt myself. This is awesome. I KNOW you are well educated when it comes to fitness and exercise  I know you are educated about health. This is not concerning that.

You are NOT educated on my food needs. I share my food diary with you for my own reasons more then your comments. Your Friday comments make me rant and grump.

I do try to eat healthy. I am aware there's a slightly higher amount of sodium then most people eat. I KNOW this is not healthy. I KNOW I eat a lot of processed foods. Now, on the processed foods, this is because I have difficulty making the kinds of foods I can eat easily. I don;'t have tome to cook down veggies grains and meats into a product that pleases my stomach enough that I can keep it down. My little pouch is a picky bitch. I can't seem to properly help you understand that. So, we're both going to have to deal with the high level of processed "unnatural" foods I eat to live.

I think I eat pretty well. I eat proteins  veggies, fruits, and grain. I DO enjoy crackers. I LOVE cheese. Cheese is just about a perfect food for me. My tummy doesn't like "solid" veggies. Boiling them down takes out a lot of the good stuff, but it works when I do it. But, Jen, madam. I do what I must to survive another day.

She has referred me to a dietitian who has some experience with people who are post op RNY surgery. So! I'm scared (because I KNOW my vitamin levels aren't up to par) but I'm hoping his support will keep her off my back.

Anyway, after tomorrow I'll know more about what I need to be doing to stay healthy and perhaps even get healthier. Wish me mucho luck! <3 p="p">

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