Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday, Nerves of marshmellow

In four hours I start my first class at the "Weight loss clinic" I'm nervous but ready.  In preparation I bought a new scale. I now know exactly how much I weigh, which is a bit more then I'd like. I washed all my sports gear. Okay, FINE I washed My yoga pants and favorite geek themed tee shirts. I'm wearing my Reaver BBQ shirt to my first class. I wonder how many of the girls are Firefly / Serenity fans? My vote is none and the shirt will not be understood by one hundred percent of the class. Oh well.

I have assigned myself the chore of doing dishes and prepping everything for dinner for the family. That way all the husband has to do is throw the chicken in the oven and turn on the stove for the corn. Dishes are about half done. I have to soon go rushing out to drop the youngest daughter off at her Taekwondo class and then rushing to go get husband to pick him up for work, and finally we trade off with the car so he can drop me off for my class.

Since I have a couple hours of time I have decided to work on the blog. I may not have much meaningful to write here. However, the challenge of daily writing, and putting as much effort into a high word count as possible, has been an interesting venture. I am only a few days into this challenge and I can already see that this is worth wile.

I think next year I *will* tackle a true writing challenge. I'll be settled or preparing to settle into my new area of residence. I for see a lot of struggles and challenges. I think immersing myself into writing fiction for that time period will be soothing to my frazzled nerves. I have a bunch of old story ideas I could use. And if nothing else perhaps I could explore those worlds again and see if any of them bear actual story fruit.

Thursday Hulu should drop my new episode of supernatural into my cue. I feel strangely guilty for enjoying this show. Especially for enjoying it as much as I do. I am very attracted to a few of the characters  and that is probably the root of my discomfort. While I tend to refuse to watch a show if I'm not engaged or interested in at least ONE of the people in it, I've rarely been this into them. I find myself yelling silly things like "NOW KISS!" at Cas and Dean. Or "TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!" *sigh* I'm really glad I watch it when no one else is at home. Not that my family would mind, but the silliness of these feelings would lead me to enjoy the show much less. I do truly enjoy the story arc and a LOT of the goofier episodes are my favorites. I'd watch something else but my other favorite shows are on hold, or just not as fascinating currently.

Husband man and I have been spending our evenings bonding over Star Trek. I'm really enjoying the time with him, and the chance to share something we both enjoy watching. I usually crochet while watching or man my twitter feed. My Attention Deficit disorder keeps me from being fully able to JUST watch a show. I have to have a second thing going. That's okay, since I'd like to get my daughters crocheted vest finished BEFORE the end of the year so I can get started on a blanket for the younger kidlet.

 I am not ready to decide if I'm going to succeed in this weight loss thing. I HOPE so. I do need to shed these extra pounds. I've never done a "weight loss clinic" before. To be honest right now I have nerves of marshmallow. I have already paid the money so I WILL commit the time. I'll blog tomorrow, while I'm all sore and ache, on how it went and how I feel about it over all. I look forward to the chance of mild socialization. There really aren't a lot of people that I interact with on a day to day basis.

SO! For today I think that's enough nerve count. Time to shore up my marshmallow nerves with a tooth pick or two. Time to finish those dishes and listen to a story on my ipod. TIME to get to it.

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  1. I hope the clinic helps you out... I never been one to get lost or invested in the characters of a television show, at least since they dreamed someone shot J.R.!

    I will try to keep up with you... one of these days I may challenge myself to write..! Be well...