Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday inspiration

I think I need to think about inspiration. Today I find myself dragging my metaphysical feet at the idea of writing a blog. There isn't much I feel up to talking about.

So, let's discuss inspiration. I have a very comfortable life. I am a spoiled little house wife given everything I need and quite a bit of what I want. Great inspiration is often born for me from hardships. To be honest I don't really have many.

My two daughters are maturing wonderfully. They will be, from what I have seen of them, amazing adults. They will be the type of ladies that other people look forward to seeing every day.

My husband loves and cherishes me. We have tiny little squabbles that we resolve like grown ass adults by talking them through and working them out. We still hold hands in public. We kiss each other every day. We make it a point to say "I love you."  It's the type of marriage I know MANY people wish they had. He's a hard working man who still manages to try to find time for me and the kids. Perhaps he doesn't find quite as much with the girls as I'd like, but they love and adore him, so there's not much to worry about.

Despite being out in the middle of no fuck where Germany I have all the basic human comforts I need. Not as much sunshine as my desert dwelling soul is accustomed to, but I have food, comfortable clothes, a warm bed, and a husband to share it with.

So, where, do I go to find my inspiration?

I can't tell you.

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