Friday, June 4, 2010

Update and nerves

Ok so in JULY we do the big social thing again, PLUS I'm meeting some people I deeply admire and am starting to like. My rules for myself in this next big social situation: Have caffeine before hand so the ADHD doesn't get out of hand. Avoid the alcohol so my flirting doesn't cross the line of friendly to creepy. I will NOT fall the the Great madam Puffs feet screaming "I'm not worthy!" (more then once..) I will NOT make lewd suggestions unless it's obvious to ALL parties involved that a: I'm joking and B: they started it. And really I should at least TRY to avoid this all together. I will bring goodies. I won't buy drinks for pretty young men. It's tempting more then three fates.
Yes some of this is stuff I SHOULD already know. Perhaps though writing it down will make it stick when I'm surrounded by happy excited people. Apparently happy folk? Being around them makes me into a spazz-tard.

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