Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 hour energy drink

Ok I haven't tried this yet. I have my reasons. Apparently- these tiny little bottles entice me to get ranty and a little insane.

As your "average" housewife 5 hours of energy seems excessive. I don't need or really want 5 WHOLE hours of energy. Really 2 and half, or one hour of energy would be preferred. Sure 5 hours of energy is great if you're an office drone. Or a steel worker. A barista already has all the caffeine fueled energy she/he needs (ever notice how spazzy and excited they usually seem?)
But what housewife wants or nees five WHOLE hours of energy. What if I wanted a nap for crying out loud?

What if this product really gave me five solid hours of energy?!?! WHAT the fuck!? Now I have no excuse for my lazing about I'd HAVE to fold all the laundry and do ALL the dishes. I mean seriously? Do I want to invest in five whole hours of buzz just so I can clean? Screw that. I'd rather get a nice painkiller or vodka buzz and slowly meditatively fold the laundry. If I had FIVE hours of energy it's more likely I spend it shopping and neither my credit line or my husband would appreciate that.

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