Friday, June 18, 2010

Enamored of the moment.

A much less worthy tired Attempt at the writing I plan to do a bit more of.

And there I go again. Tumbling into a smile. Falling into a moment. In love with the idea. The potential. The dream.

More then aware that the dream is just that. Imagined silk of skin is different then touch. The surreal want. The imagined chase. Don't go hot and cold on me now. That etherial moment is whisper thin, lighter then a butterfly kiss. Can't let it slip.

The moment is all I have. That quiet tip toe dreams and fantasy. If I analyze or obsess the moment will scatter, shatter, run away on cat feet. Want to tackle and tangle fleeting muse. Feet and hands and lips. Want to steal every ounce of sweetness to moments glimpse of a smile.

there it goes.

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