Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, first session w/ councilor was.. interesting. She's nice. Enough said there.

As I have bigger rants. I can't keep a budget lately. My dental work is getting fucking expensive. Hundreds of dollars for stuff that goes under my teeth. Stuff my dental coverage- meager as it is, doesn't cover. If this shit is so necessary to my dental health why isn't it at least partially covered? Seriously. Thanks to the birthday this month and other things I'm not sure how I'm going to stay on budget. It's the day after payday and already half his earnings are gone. And he wants ink. He deserves to get this done. He deserves nice things. And I'm blowing our budget on my fucking stupid teeth. Have to pay off cards, we're more behind then we're ahead. HAve to pay bills, if I don't bad things could happen. And I'm wondering if it'll cost more or less in the long run to have my cell phone service stopped all together. How does one get out of a contract? I'm pretty sure the small print makes it stupid hard to get out of. I feel like a sucker for signing into a 2 year contract in the first place. Especially since I don't use it more then once maybe twice a month.

I'd get a job, but It'd be minimum wage and in this economy with the skill set I have and the high schoolers out looking at my same group of jobs, my chances and choices are the suck. Feeling more helpless then usual. Is it August yet?!?

I have to get my shit together. I need to figure this shit out. Maybe it's time to see what my skills with crochet are worth. I can hook like a fiend. And if there's even a little payout attached to that maybe it's time to see if it's worth it.

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