Thursday, June 10, 2010


So after the drama the other day. Then the writing to bleed the emotion a bit I made some phone calls. It's time to work through some issues. I know I'm still a mess over my grandmothers funeral. I know I'm struggling with Ian being so far away.
I made an appointment with a councilor. We start next week on the 15th. Hopefully having someone to help me sift through the debris of my emotions will help me learn to regulate them.


  1. I am glad that you decided to actively seek help. I am thinking that feeling alone even though you do have a husband is hard when he is so far away.

    Don't hesitate to journal because I KNOW you have connected to something in me. I figure that I am not the only one who follows and would invest as much as they can online in you as a friend. Definitely think of your blog as a 'break in case of emergency' kind of deal.


  2. Thanks so much Mark. Your comments and follow really do keep me writing here. Knowing I'm not just talking to myself and the anonymous interwebs is good.