Saturday, January 16, 2010


First! Two weeks with no stinky tar in my lungs!

Second: Since I've added a couple of followers (hi guys!) I'll add a mini update before going into one of my usual rants.

My husband is active duty Air Force. He's away in Korea doing his job whilst I freeze my toes off here. We were looking to move to England next year.

But perhaps things have changed. It's not 100%. It's not even finalised, heck he hasn't even 100% said yes, but he WANTS to. He's perhaps got a chance at Germany. Now this was the base HE wanted from the start. I lean a little closer to Spain, Italy, and England- but Germany looks pretty great too. ANYWHERE overseas- you know? But I had the girls geared up for England. And, being a big Doctor Who fan, a giggling silly head over Brit accents, and watching BBC pretty regularly the Teenager is bummed. She wanted to be a Brit. To try out learning a cute accent. And I feel bad for her- really I do. England (the area we were heading to) had temperatures comparable to those we've been getting in Kentucky- but more regular without as many deep dips into freezing. It looks like the area of Germany we'll be heading to runs a little cooler. Again comparable to Kentucky but cooler then England.

My husband is REALLY trying to sell me on the idea. I told him it was fine. And it IS. I don't want anyone to think I'm anything less then thankful to explore other parts of the world.
That said? I was getting a little excited over England too. No need to learn a new language. I'm LAZY. BBC and London? cool. Accents.. are you kidding me? A good British or Scottish accent literally dampens my panties. It's sad, but true. I don't have the same reaction to German accents. BUT.

I'll wait until I have final word. No reason to get psyched up over it if it doesn't happen. No reason to build one up or the other down. I've filled the kids in on there being a chance of change. Elder DD is bummed younger DD still wants us to go to China- but is excited about EVERYTHING. And in the meantime? I guess it's time to dig up those German learning tapes we bought when the hubs was first trying to get us to Germany. it's what HE wants- and ultimately since he's the one who'll be working over there his choice is final.


  1. I'd ask my girl about her tours in Germany... but there was a lot of 'other stuff' that went down for her as well. Don't want to dredge up stuff... and indeed it would cut both ways for us.

    Was at Korea... so I wonder if your hubby is in Osan. That was cool duty, up there at Camp Humphreys. I was actually station further south, ironically with my girl, in Tageu. I say 'ironically' because I am trying to get away from talking about 'me & us'.

    Got a sister at Yongsan post... yeah, I am rambling. I think you will enjoy wherever hubby gets posted. Germany isn't too bad. I fought there once and it was okay.

    I think that you will love it!

  2. Mark: I know how that is. If I could Vegas would be a place that the hubs isn't allowed to go- but I'm not in the buisness of having a say over what the military does. He's in Osan, yes, and enjoys it OK- he's not a fan of the food tho. I know I'll enjoy it. I'm capable of finding the best in any situation- I'm a positive person. Just scared over the change. you know? Good luck Mark- recovering from a bad situation is NEVER fun.