Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's officially official. Ian's going to Korea, the girls and I are going to Kentucky. We'll be leaving out somewhere in the middle of July. What an excellent time to be leaving nasty hot Tucson! Kentucky for 1 year, then England for 3. England! It's apparently pretty rural where we're going, but I'm hoping we'll like it/ There will be a lot of opportunities to travel abroad (and we will) so, even if I don't love the BASE we're going to, the chance to explore is one in a million.
And yet.
I'm a bit mopey. I will miss my family, my baby sister will be coming back to AZ in a few months (About a month and a half after I leave lol) And I don't get to see enough of her. I'll miss having my mom and dad for easy weekend company. I'll even miss (probably) this hot dry sun shine drenched weather (not too much I hope- right now I'm sick of it). I'm a little gloomy because this move means a whole nother year without my beloved. And then a whole three years while he adjusts to a jet that he's not used to working with, and that can allegedly be quite the Diva.
I'm afraid of losing the love of my life to a war, strife, or even accident. It's disturbing to me how much I've come to rely on the patience, understanding, and adoration I get from my devoted sweetie. I know it's a bit over the top for an old married lady to still be smoopy over her hubby, but I'm just lucky.
I'll try to keep everything up to date. The next few months, hell, the next four years promise to be... interesting.

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  1. Hi, I'm long overdue in checking out blogs from my followers. I see you haven't posted in awhile but I hope you will continue to share your adventures. It sounds like a very interesting time coming up for you!