Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sure it hurt- not as much as i thought it would. I've spent years looking for just the right tat- just the right artist. I was so lucky to find this girl. This is what's been in my head for nearly a decade. On the left you can see the black koi perfectly hides the first "tat" I got (when I was 17)- Not art more like body graffiti. I am beyond words pleased. The symbolism of koi swimming upstream, dreaming of becoming dragons. This has meant something to me for some time- and Now that my journey to become the awesome person I always wanted to be has begun- getting this gorgeous art is defiantly going to help me along the way.

Warning viewers: If you enlarge the pictures they're big- Ihave only slightly cropped and resized them. AND my computer space is messy. I don't clean my "office" as often as I should.


  1. Kewl!

    Oh, another thing: Good thing I found your blog, Tink and I thought it might have been a teenager following mine.

  2. Wow, you did it. It hurt, I know it hurt... ooh all those little footie bones and thin skin...

    I am going to keep popping by to watch you become a dragon.