Friday, May 15, 2009

pretty words

these are mine. The ideas, etc. I felt like sharing tho-
Something about him attracted lightening. Maybe his magnetic polarity was off. I don’t know. I know when he stood out in the dry kindling of sagebrush and opened his arms wide he was lit up from the inside out with a sudden glory of light from the heavens. For a moment – surreal glowing like an angel then it’d get to be too much for the both of them and he’d stand blackened and dejected on sand that had turned to crystalline glass. He jittered for hours afterward, his dark ruddy face shone with tears, alternately laughing with insanity and crying like a lost boy. He never was able to convey in words what it was like- that meeting of man and energy, just that it happened. It happened any time he was somewhere open, and when he invited it. I myself didn’t see it. This was a man of the desert, in some ways he was the definition of the sonorant desert, dry, hard, cracked and sand dusted through and through. His occasional smiles and laughter would wash the gullies of his face clean of lines for a moment, sure but he never really struck me as anything special- if anything he was hard and ugly in many ways. It wasn’t my place to judge the storms; I only knew they loved him for sure. They loved him fierce in a way that’d be sure to stop his heart one day.

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