Monday, April 4, 2011


To be held.
To be taken.
To be wanted.

Stripped of inhibitions. Everything I am set side in that moment of feeling. Being. Aching all over for another touch. mmmm

I dream in technicolor
or warm skin, that tastes so salty sweet. That I can pet and scratch and kiss and fondle to my hearts desire. No complaint, no restraint. No "I'm too tired" No "I'm too busy" No "not tonight"

then when?

I'm beyond understanding. Am I really so... dirty? That I need this? That I want this? That it engulfs me until I get it, and then I want more and more..

and ... Fuck.

Nononono. I'm GOOD! Damnit. I'm a proper mom with a dream of a coffee shop comic book store rolled in one... A pretty little place just outside a big city. Somewhere with a proper farmers market and excitement nearby. A pretty little place with rooms upstaris to stay.

I can't help that sometimes I dream of a bit more.. or I want this dream NOW! and not
11 more years? That's a long time baby.

I'm already too old..
to be more then passing interesting..
to anyone of interest.


  1. Hey girlfriend... knowing now what I did not know then, I could find some words to say... but I would rather be a friend who isn't going to play with your emotions and drink a beer with you and listen... if that is okay..? (besides, I really don't drink beer often... might be drinking a coke with lemon..!)

  2. I don't drink often either. Diet coke is the way for me. Thanks for the ear. I'll try not to bend it too hard.