Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leggy: Wanton Wednesday

I like to lie about and be photographed, there's something special about surrendering the way a shoot turns out to another persons talent. This angle made my legs look amazing and my feet.. surreal. I feel sexy in this dress. Pretty in my crown. And down right naughty with that tiny anklet with li'l handcuffs. A so subtle nod to my kinky side. So, while I have naughtier, sexier pictures in my files: This one won. This time around for my wanton shot.


  1. Your legs really do seem to go on forever at this angle! Great shot!

  2. and I can see why it won....a shot doesnt have to revealing to be wanton as this one proves


  3. Very nice - and now, in an unrelated development, I'm hungry for some won ton soup.

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