Friday, May 21, 2010

cheese and crackers for my husband

Cheddar cheese, brie, and parmesan. A scattering of ritz crackers. A triscuit or two.
A wish for something more. A noble big dream. I imagine a checkered table cloth. I imagine a matched set of wine glasses filled with sparkling cider or Earl gray tea, weakened with half and half. Set topsy turvy on an up turned apple box. A sprinkling of lavender petals, rose petals, a daisy or two in a vase made from an empty beer bottle. We sit, hand in hand. Contemplating the sunset, the grass, the smell of summer dew.

I wish you were here with me, today on your birthday. I wish this every day but a lot today. Sitting with our picnic in the sun. I miss you baby. Happy 30th birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to him. Sorry he can't be with you today. I'm sure it will be an amazing moment when you two get to see each other again.

  2. *sigh* This is why romance is so special. It is also why romance is so agonizing.