Tuesday, February 18, 2014

cage act 2

(I'm going to beat my muse bloody today.. I apologize. )

Icarus fell.

I touched the sun.

He blazed and burned. He warmed my soft sweet heart.

He does every time. So many tiny suns in the sky. A night pinpointed with tiny suns. I want to touch them all. I want to be a light.

A quasar. A supernova. A comet. A story.

Instead I am a minor character. Supporting role. Backup spear carrier number three.

That girl with the crooked smile you knew one time. Here and gone. You miss her sometimes.

No more then a passing fancy am I. No burning bush. No life changing event.

Just a smile on a Tuesday afternoon.

Do I leave more then a trace? Is it worth it? All my struggle?

I want to be the main character in the story of my life, but even here I am support. Backup. Useful plot development, sure, but just support.

How do you become the star in your own story? How do you BURN!?!

Without your paste on feathers melting away in the first touch of truths harsh light..
How do I glow without loosing my spark?

Make me true. Make me real.

I don't want to be summers millionth dandelion, loosing my beauty helplessly into the breeze only to die away.

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  1. Nucleosynthesis... burn as bright as possible, with love collapsing upon you...